Mark#46 – First TV Appearance Today

March 16, 2007

Make sure you tune in to BBC 2 at 3:15pm today to see how me and my pal Gooders fare on Eamonn Holmes’ daytime quiz show, Sudo-Q.

For anyone who can’t catch the episode live, feel free to get yourself round to our house around 7:00pm tonight. We will replay the episode, provide plenty of free beers, and you’ll have the chance to meet young Toddster.

Here’s the line-up for today’s show:



Mark#45 – Our First Victims: Ed & David

March 14, 2007

Our first appearance on TV quiz show Sudo-Q is scheduled to air this Friday.

In our first game, we successfully defeat the defending champions, Ed and David – who win their first of two consecutive games in today’s episode.

Ed and David are work colleagues from West Sussex and Hove. They reckon they are so good at general knowledge that they have to be split up when playing pub quizzes to give the others a chance. After filming the episode where we beat these guys, the production staff told us that they had all been tipping them to remain unbeaten for five episodes…but obviously they hadn’t counted on coming up against a pair of wizards like Gooders and yours truly.


Maybe we should invite Ed and David to do the Turks Head pub quiz (we’ll let them play together) so that we can beat them at that as well?

No, Todd… NO!!

March 8, 2007

Poor Mark. Reports from home suggest that our darling Toddlington has been a very, very naughty boy today.

In between chewing the curtains, the couch, the coffee table and Mark’s slippers, Todd has unfortunately been using the floor as a toilet, instead of doing his business outside during one of the 15 opportunities he’s had today. We fear he is regressing already… just when we thought we were making a bit of progress!

So, if you see Mark today, please be kind to him. He’s had almost no sleep (thanks to Todd crying and refusing to settle down last night) and has been on clean-up duty all day today. And to top it all off, he’s been snowed under with work. Can’t wait to see what kind of state my boys are in tonight… argh.

My kingdom for a dishwasher

March 7, 2007

Growing up, we had neither dishwasher nor microwave. My mom used to say that it wasn’t natural for food to be cooked so quickly (hence, no microwave) while my dad used to ponder, “Why would we need to buy a dishwasher when we have to perfectly good ones called April and Fiona?” This, despite the fact that we rarely did the washing up and NEVER did it of our own free will.

At any rate, having a functioning dishwasher in Toronto really opened my eyes to the wonders of this magical appliance. Leaving it was hard, but I thought that it was a love that could easily be replaced.

While our new house is great, it does lack a dishwasher. I know one day I will visit an appliance store and will find love again, but in the meantime there is a hole in my heart that can only be filled by a giant pile of dirty dishes on the counter beside the sink. Needless to say, with Todd’s arrival my housework has suffered somewhat… call it the puppy knock-on effect.

On the bright side, we do have a microwave although it is from the 80s and therefore does not cook food unnaturally rapidly.

If you know of a good dishwasher that likes long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and meeting new people, would you be so kind as to give it our number?

Mark#44 – Todd and his Monkey

March 6, 2007



Mark#43 – A Couple More Todd Snaps

March 6, 2007

For anyone who hasn’t been to our house and already had this explained to them, please excuse the hideous pink carpet – it was left by the previous owners and we decided we’d keep it until after Todd was fully house-trained.




BREAKING NEWS: Canine/feline relations suffer critical blow

March 5, 2007

As Mark works from home, he has also been forced into a new daytime role: pet mediator.

The cats have been pretty pissed about Todd’s arrival… we have seen some hissing and lots of scrambling to get out of his way as he attempts to engage them in play. Jerry seems to have sussed that Todd can’t climb stairs yet, so often retreats to the safety of the staircase to observe from a distance.

Slowly but surely, Jerry has been investigating this new critter who has invaded his domain. Yesterday, when Todd fell asleep on my feet, Jerry climbed onto my lap for a cuddle and a closer inspection. I thought, “wow… progress!”

However, today Mark witnessed the first real interaction. Todd, again eager to play, approached Jerry to smell his face. Jerry reportedly endured this treatment for a few seconds before taking a huge swipe at Todd’s face!

This apparently resulted in much crying and yelping, as Jerry looked on with an air of satisfaction, having put the interloper in his place. As I told Mark, I’m really glad I wasn’t there when it happened as it must have been so upsetting! Is there anything sadder than a crying puppy???

A footnote to this story is that Joey, our gentle giant (see banner at top of the blog… she’s a lovely gal) has pretty much avoided Todd altogether. My prediction was that she would be less freaked out than Jerry but it just goes to show, you can never predict cats’ behaviour.

We’ll just have to continue trying to win back their love with food.

Apologies to anyone who thinks posts about pet behaviour are lame. I find it totally fascinating and Mark and I are probably more guilty of anthropomorphism than anyone else we know!