Mark#49 – My Big Bro’s Stag Party

March 20, 2007

If you are a mate of my bro, please CLICK HERE to read about the plans for his upcoming stag party.


Mark#28 – New Year Challenges

December 19, 2006

I just read THIS STORY about a guy who set himself five New Year ‘challenges’ instead of resolutions.

His 2006 challenges were to:

1) Appear on TV

2) Meet someone who has starred in a computer game

3) Start a celebrity-signed teabag collection

4) Break a world record (for eating most brussel sprouts in a minute)

5) Fly in a helicopter.

I think this is a totally neat idea!

I never bother with resolutions because I know that they’ll be forgotten by the time February rolls around. The concept of establishing clear objectives to be achieved in a defined time period is much more up my alley – my competitive instincts just won’t allow me to resist a challenge like this. Plus, it’s fun of course, especially because I can challenge myself to do some of the things that I always say I want to do, but never actually do.

So I’ve decided I’m going to set myself five challenges for 2007.

Any suggestions?

Say whaaa?

December 15, 2006

I’m waiting for Mark and Gooooders to return with a free dining table we have managed to score. Gooders has kindly offered up his piano van and table-moving expertise to support us in our quest to stop eating dinner on the couch.

While checking through spam comments which WordPress has quarantined, I noticed that apparently someone visited our blog after searching the term, ‘guys wearing bodysuits’. This is interesting on two different levels: one, that someone was searching the Internet for guys wearing bodysuits, and two, that something within the blog apparently relates to this search term.

Ooh I hear the door opening… let’s hope this table fits down the front hall… TO BE CONTINUED…

The Great Christmas Tree Debate

November 27, 2006

Now that Christmas is imminent, Mark and I have been contemplating our decor scheme.

Found some baubles and a wreath at John Lewis this weekend – looks like we will be having a red theme.

Next stop, Treesville!

While I love the scent and authenticity that a real tree affords, I can’t help but feel that the shedding of the pine needles makes it less than ideal. Add to that the likelihood that small puddles of cat vomit (full of pine needles) will mysteriously appear throughout the house… and I’m thinking a fake tree is in order.

Mark, on the other hand, is very pro-real tree.

I think the compromise will have to be that we try a real tree this year, that Mark has to clean up any resulting cat vomit, and that he will have to dispose of the tree when I’m not around. I know, it’s dumb… but I get really upset when it comes to discarding of the poor tree’s carcass. Even if it did fulfill its Christmas destiny.

This probably didn’t warrant such a long post, but just wondering what everyone else has planned in terms of Christmas trees. It really is a polarizing issue…