Mark#1 – “He’s bigger of me…but I’m older ‘an him”

August 3, 2006

Radio has always been my least preferred communications medium. Only in the absence of either a TV, the Internet, a newspaper or magazine will I resort to tuning into the old wireless.

However, every Monday – “at about 20 to 2” – radio rules supreme in my world, and it’s all because of this little fellow:

Meet ‘Tiny Tim’.

He’s “three…going on six”, is “as tall as a table” and has a best mate, Kieran, who is bigger than Tim, despite Tim’s age advantage.

The brainchild of Key 103s Justin Moorhouse, Tiny Tim has the voice of a kid but the mind of an adult, a brilliant concept that is only bettered by the flawless execution. Once weekly, Tiny Tim engages unsuspecting customer service representatives (telephone operators) at various establishments throughout the Greater Manchester area in a ludicrous, and usually hilarious, dialogue.

Gym receptionists, ice-cream salesmen and box office clerks alike are lured into a completely believable and seemingly run-of-the-mill conversation, but are thrown completely off balance in trying to validate the legitimacy of the call, purely because the voice on the other end of the line is that of an infant.

As often happens with the best comedy, trying to describe what makes it funny only results in making it sound distinctly un-funny. So I’ll leave it there and urge you to check it out for yourself.

If you live outside of the Greater Manchester broadcast catchment area, you can usually find an episode by scanning through ‘The Best of Justin Moorhouse’ segments on the Key 103 website.