BREAKING NEWS: Canine/feline relations suffer critical blow

March 5, 2007

As Mark works from home, he has also been forced into a new daytime role: pet mediator.

The cats have been pretty pissed about Todd’s arrival… we have seen some hissing and lots of scrambling to get out of his way as he attempts to engage them in play. Jerry seems to have sussed that Todd can’t climb stairs yet, so often retreats to the safety of the staircase to observe from a distance.

Slowly but surely, Jerry has been investigating this new critter who has invaded his domain. Yesterday, when Todd fell asleep on my feet, Jerry climbed onto my lap for a cuddle and a closer inspection. I thought, “wow… progress!”

However, today Mark witnessed the first real interaction. Todd, again eager to play, approached Jerry to smell his face. Jerry reportedly endured this treatment for a few seconds before taking a huge swipe at Todd’s face!

This apparently resulted in much crying and yelping, as Jerry looked on with an air of satisfaction, having put the interloper in his place. As I told Mark, I’m really glad I wasn’t there when it happened as it must have been so upsetting! Is there anything sadder than a crying puppy???

A footnote to this story is that Joey, our gentle giant (see banner at top of the blog… she’s a lovely gal) has pretty much avoided Todd altogether. My prediction was that she would be less freaked out than Jerry but it just goes to show, you can never predict cats’ behaviour.

We’ll just have to continue trying to win back their love with food.

Apologies to anyone who thinks posts about pet behaviour are lame. I find it totally fascinating and Mark and I are probably more guilty of anthropomorphism than anyone else we know!


We’re baaaaack…

October 6, 2006

…and legally wed!

Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes for our big day. It was fab, despite a sudden downpour, and the day passed by in a bit of a blur for us both! We should be receiving the official pics early next week so that should shed some light on the day’s events. After all that hassle describing my vision for pew ends to the florist, I didn’t even notice them. Oh well. As long as we don’t look too horrendous, we will post a selection of wedding photos… watch this space…

Mark took tons of great photos in Italy which we will also get to posting as soon as, along with an account of our travels. The honeymoon was amazing – a great mix of sight seeing, eating delicious food and SHOPPING (Mark’s concession to his bride xx).

In other Jones news, we’ve now moved into our new place on Springfield Lane. Boxes are everywhere but the cats have settled in nicely and are content climbing on many new and interesting surfaces. We’re hopeful that the stairs will provide some good exercise for Joey, who now weighs in at approximately 18 pounds. Bless.

More to follow. This was just meant to be a quick post to say that we’re still alive and we’re home, but as usual I find myself rambling.

– Mrs. Jones (hee hee! still getting used to that)

Reunited, and it feels so good

September 15, 2006

Mark just called from Heathrow to let me know that our cats, Jerry and Josie, have passed inspection and are now UK citizens. Having gone 3 months without our feline friends, I can’t wait to see them again!

Their uncles have taken excellent care of them. Josie in particular must have thrived as she has ballooned to a whopping 16.5 pounds. Rubenesque, you might say.

Apparently while both have emerged from the red eye flight unscathed, Jerry is giving a little attitude, refusing both treats and eye contact. How does one win back a cat’s affections?

Mark#20 – Henry’s Cat

September 10, 2006

Our cats, Jer-Bear and Jo-Bot, are scheduled to arrive in England on Friday. Poor little things, being separated from us for 3 months must have been pretty stressful for them, but our friends Eric and Brian have done an admirable job as surrogate parents.

In honour of their arrival, here’s another fantastic feline, Henry’s Cat. My favourite thing about this show was the brilliantly named villain – a pathological sheep called Rum Baa Baa.