Mark#52 – Todd’s Big Garden Adventure









14 Responses to Mark#52 – Todd’s Big Garden Adventure

  1. gooders says:

    DUDE!! You’ve done it!
    perfect closeup shot. well done. top picky

  2. Kate says:

    Hi guys –

    Todd doggie so cute.

    What’s news? Was just going to e-mail April but I think last time we e-mailed she was maybe leaving her job? What is best e-mail?

    Hope all is well : ) Talk soon.


  3. Kate says:

    Also, congratulations on Sudo-Q wins! Can you post a best of montage on Youtube??!?


  4. markandapril says:

    FOOLED YOU GOODWIN! That’s not actually a close up shot at all. I just took it on super hi-res, then cropped like there was no tomorrow. I had a really hard time photographing him though because a) he doesn’t stay still for more than 0.001 seconds at a time and, b) it was a beautiful, bright day – not conducive to decent snapping.

    Kate, I’ll get April to email you with her new address. All is great though, a proper catch-up is in order. We were actually talking about old Richy boy today. And don’t worry about a Sudo-Q montage, hopefully we’ll have a DVD of all the episodes ready to send out to you in the next week or two. There are few highlights, just plenty of me coming across as a smug git!

  5. Kate says:

    Great – thanks. I guess she ended up leaving her job? That was quite a while ago, I think. Yeah, we definitely need to catch up – I want the whole Mark & April scoop! Old Richy boy is in Antigua as we speak. What a jerk, eh!? Look for him in the crowd if you’re watching the cricket!

  6. gooders says:

    ah, I should’ve know that mj!!
    Now you mention it the perspective isn’t right for a genuine closeup.
    But its a jolly nice shot anway. Nice use of focus and background.

  7. Fi-ASS-co says:

    hey hey! That is one f’ing cute dog. I think I’m slowly leaving behind my distaste for dogs…maybe it was just that Taz was so damn neurotic. Who knows. And yes….I love how the name rhymes with the subject 😉
    *In the last shot he looks totally busted or something. WHAT WERE YOU MAKING THAT SWEET DOG DO??!

  8. markandapril says:

    Kate – Yeah April has left her job and is now (temporarily) enjoying a few weeks as a housewife, though really her main task is to make sure that Todd is distracted during the day so that he leaves me alone to get on with my work. I did know that Rich was off to the World Cup…but did you have to remind me?!? It’s pouring down with rain here today, which is more depressing than usual because it’s been glorious the past three days so I just went and bought a BBQ, and now my plans for delicious outdoor eating tonight are completely scuppered.

    Gooders – Ta.

    Fi-ASS-Co – HA HA HA HA!!! He DOES look busted doesn’t he? I think we are mistaking ‘busted’ for ‘pissed off’ though. I needed the classic model ‘over the shoulder’ pose in order to complete his portfolio, so I was making him walk away from me, and then shouting his name to get him to look back. That shot was about the tenth take, so I imagine he was thinking “Just get the goddamn shot already so I can get on with dropping my load. GOSH!”

    How’s livin’ on the mainland so far? We’ll be out there in June so you’ve got plenty of time to devise an itinerary…do they have any pirate statues in Vancouver?

  9. Marco Luten says:


    nice photo’s! what camera do you use?


  10. christine says:

    My son and I were looking at pictures of Flat Coats this morning, and loved your site. Hope the hot dogs came out good!!!



  11. Lauren says:

    My puppy is nine months, looks just like the one in this picture but has German Sheperd. We did a DNA test but it had only the well-known breeds and said she was in fact half German Sheperd. I still insist she has at least half of the beautiful Flat Coated blood.

    See for yourself and get back to me if possible on your thoughts, Thanks!

  12. laura says:


  13. jaici says:

    Would you share the name of your breeder? Did you have a flat coat before?


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