Mark#48 – Sudo-Q: Episode 3

Yesterday’s episode was a little easier to watch, but it was the closest we came to elimination, and I was super-frustrated with some of the questions I got wrong. I knew almost every one that I got wrong, but in the heat of the moment – and under the glare of the lights – it’s so much more difficult to have the answer pop into your head when you know that every second you spend thinking about it makes a difference.

Introducing today’s opponents; Paul & Sam and Lauren & Charlotte. As we were waiting in the green room before this episode, we actually got a bit nervous because Paul came off as really intelligent in that completely eccentric way (see the circus strongman moustache), whereas Sam was so quiet and awkward that we thought he might be autistic. I think it would be fair to say we felt they were a threat. In fact, they turned out to run us closer than any other team did – by the end of round 3, I think we only had a 5 point margin of victory, whereas in every other episode we were winning easily by double figures.

We knew one of Lauren and Charlotte (Charlotte I think) was from Oldham, so we weren’t in the least bit worried about them. After all, we know your average Oldham lass is hardly the smartest cookie. And when one of them revealed her ambition was to be a club 18-30s rep I think we stopped taking these guys seriously as contenders altogether. We were right to do so, I think they ended up with zero points.



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