Mark#45 – Our First Victims: Ed & David

Our first appearance on TV quiz show Sudo-Q is scheduled to air this Friday.

In our first game, we successfully defeat the defending champions, Ed and David – who win their first of two consecutive games in today’s episode.

Ed and David are work colleagues from West Sussex and Hove. They reckon they are so good at general knowledge that they have to be split up when playing pub quizzes to give the others a chance. After filming the episode where we beat these guys, the production staff told us that they had all been tipping them to remain unbeaten for five episodes…but obviously they hadn’t counted on coming up against a pair of wizards like Gooders and yours truly.


Maybe we should invite Ed and David to do the Turks Head pub quiz (we’ll let them play together) so that we can beat them at that as well?


6 Responses to Mark#45 – Our First Victims: Ed & David

  1. Jill says:

    Please do, Mark! Across the pond here I’m known as the Trivia Queen… in fact, people beg to be on “Team Jill”. Perhaps April and I could be our own Team Fabulous in a 3-team face off? 😉

  2. Mark J says:

    If you are happy to have April ‘The Handicap’ Jones on your team, that’s fine by me.

  3. April says:

    AHEM, I resent that. I excel at any celebrity gossip, or biology-related questions. Jill, you truly are the Triva Queen.. I remember your prowess from Jane’s parties!!

  4. gooders says:

    My special subject is BMX but I’m still waiting for a questions to crop up about that.
    I entered the pleasant pub quiz tonight and we came a close 2nd with no cheating. But it was free to enter and everyone got free chips afterwards. Hoot!

  5. gooders says:

    p.s. can’t wait for the 1st show to air today. gonna be wicked awesome cool

  6. April says:

    What is the prize at the Pleasant’s quiz?

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