No, Todd… NO!!

Poor Mark. Reports from home suggest that our darling Toddlington has been a very, very naughty boy today.

In between chewing the curtains, the couch, the coffee table and Mark’s slippers, Todd has unfortunately been using the floor as a toilet, instead of doing his business outside during one of the 15 opportunities he’s had today. We fear he is regressing already… just when we thought we were making a bit of progress!

So, if you see Mark today, please be kind to him. He’s had almost no sleep (thanks to Todd crying and refusing to settle down last night) and has been on clean-up duty all day today. And to top it all off, he’s been snowed under with work. Can’t wait to see what kind of state my boys are in tonight… argh.


6 Responses to No, Todd… NO!!

  1. markandapril says:

    The worst today was that Todd clearly needed a poo, so I went outside with him for like 20 minutes, but no poo was forthcoming.

    So I brought him back in and got on with my work, but only moments later could smell something in the air. I went into the hall to find the Toddster had emptied his bowels all over the nice wooden floor. But Todd being Todd, that wouldn’t be enough, so he had grabbed my sports bag (which I’d left on the stairs because I have football training tonight) and dragged it right through the mess.


  2. camelqueen says:

    Ho, hum..the joys of parenthood!!

  3. Sheri says:

    Maybe you need doggy diapers!

  4. markandapril says:

    He’s been much better today!!

  5. April says:

    Doggy diapers sound like a good idea. Especially as it would be quite humiliating for Todd to wear them, hopefully they would shame him into proper toilet habits!

  6. gooders says:

    fun and games

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