My kingdom for a dishwasher

Growing up, we had neither dishwasher nor microwave. My mom used to say that it wasn’t natural for food to be cooked so quickly (hence, no microwave) while my dad used to ponder, “Why would we need to buy a dishwasher when we have to perfectly good ones called April and Fiona?” This, despite the fact that we rarely did the washing up and NEVER did it of our own free will.

At any rate, having a functioning dishwasher in Toronto really opened my eyes to the wonders of this magical appliance. Leaving it was hard, but I thought that it was a love that could easily be replaced.

While our new house is great, it does lack a dishwasher. I know one day I will visit an appliance store and will find love again, but in the meantime there is a hole in my heart that can only be filled by a giant pile of dirty dishes on the counter beside the sink. Needless to say, with Todd’s arrival my housework has suffered somewhat… call it the puppy knock-on effect.

On the bright side, we do have a microwave although it is from the 80s and therefore does not cook food unnaturally rapidly.

If you know of a good dishwasher that likes long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and meeting new people, would you be so kind as to give it our number?


One Response to My kingdom for a dishwasher

  1. JHO says:

    OMG! Please Please Please let me upload and / or look for a dishwasher for you on lavalife.

    Although I am currently VERY busy at work managing my Facebook contacts, adding new Facebook friends, leaving miscellaneous Facebook wall posts, and bringing up how / what we could do to improve Facebook in daily meetings here, I would be happy to take on the additional responsibility of Dishwasher Love Coach.

    Peace Out.


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