Eat like an Egyptian: Foul Eskandandy

February 28, 2007

The Joneseseseses family trip to Sharm El Sheikh was delightful. Despite Phil being stung by a “harmless” (so said the locals) jellyfish, we all came home unscathed – some of us browner than others.

We stayed at the Grand Rotana resort and enjoyed a daily breakfast buffet despite a source of great consternation: foul eskandandy.

Now, having conducted some online research, I’ve learned that “foul” refers to beans. Apparently brown fava beans are a staple of the Egyptian diet. However, searches for “foul eskandandy” (and a variety of alternate spellings) have failed me. To this day, we will never know what it was as Mark refused to eat it.

Actually, we only saw one Russian woman eat it. It looked and smelled a bit like chilli – why one would choose this for breakfast I don’t know – but I cannot verify its contents.

Has anyone ever heard of foul eskandandy before? If you’ve actually eaten it, please comment with a detailed description of taste/texture/ingredients… curiosity is killing me!!!


Mark#40 – Puppy Update: Meet Todd’s Parents

February 21, 2007

So at the time of writing the last puppy update, we’d got as far as deciding that we wanted a flat-coated retriever…well things have developed rapidly since then.

We found a fantastic breeder and have scored ourselves a pup of the highest pedigree. In fact, his grandfather, ‘Gibson’, is a former international flat-coat champion no less.

Knowing that we definitely were getting a male dog meant we could finally decide on a name. I campaigned hard for ‘Scraps’, but ultimately failed thanks to April’s insistence that he have a more human name. So in the end, we settled on ‘Todd’!

Todd comes home on March 3rd, when he is 7 weeks old and ready to leave his mother, but we did go and visit the entire litter and parents, Jazz and Peggy, a couple of weeks ago.

And now, thanks to the miracle of digital photography, you can meet them too:

Todd’s Dad, Jazz (below):




Todd’s Mum, Peggy (below):



And a sneak peek of the pups (below):



Mark#39 – We’re Off to See the UFC!

February 21, 2007

I’m SO EXCITED right now. When I heard UFC 70 would be held in Britain, I was thrilled. When I heard it would be held in Manchester, I was practically foaming at the mouth. And now I’ve just booked tickets, well, I’m ready to explode.

I’ve been aching to go to a UFC event for years, but as they are almost always held in Vegas, I’ve always been prohibited by the cost. But no more. Myself, my bro and my dear friend Bongo have booked our tickets – unfortunately we couldn’t afford the £250 floor seats, but we have still got pretty great seats as we are in the second row from the front of the upper tier.

My pal Leona and her husband John were considering coming over from Canada for this, which would have been incredible as Leona is just about the only person I knew who was able to hold her own in a UFC-related discussion (apart from April, who has learned a surprising amount through some kind of TV osmosis), but alas they are already scheduled to go to a huge music festival on the other side of the pond around about the same time.

I haven’t told April that I’ve splurged on this yet though. I suppose I’ll just have to present her with a new pair of shoes when I break the news.