Mark#38 – Manchester Super-Casino…Great News for UFC Fans??

It was announced today that Manchester has beaten off competition from, among others, London’s Millennium Dome and Blackpool to become the location for Britain’s first ‘Super-Casino’!

For sure the debate will now rage about whether a Vegas-style casino will be a good or bad move for the city. On the one hand it will bring investment, employment, rejuvenation to a down-trodden part of the city, and much-needed entertainment facilities. On the other hand casinos are synonomous with vice, corruption and gambling addiction.

But I, for one, am thrilled at the news for one very big reason. As a huge fan of ultimate fighting, I’m hoping that this super-casino will become the UK base for future UFC events!


Apparently UFC 70 will be held at the Manchester Evening News Arena  this coming April (I’ll be first in line for tickets), but surely a Vegas-style arena will go some way to tempting the organisers to have events here more regularly. I wouldn’t be suprised if Zuffa LLC (the owners of the UFC and various casino interests) are already weighing up how to get a piece of the action.


6 Responses to Mark#38 – Manchester Super-Casino…Great News for UFC Fans??

  1. Doug says:

    A unexpected quiet spell in the office had me thinking about that nose trumpet guy, so I thought I’d see whether his news coverage ever came to anything. It seems he is poised to conquer all, nose-trumpet-wise.

    I know this comment bears no relation to your post, but I thought I’d say hello anyway, lest it seem like I am merely using you as a gateway to other things. Your blog is a very amiable read.

  2. gooders says:

    hi. I’m the nose trumpet guy.
    the bubble is kind of popping but check for the latest developments. It will be shown on tv at least once more… and it FEELS like they’ll keep digging me up for more content when they need something quirky

  3. markandapril says:

    Gooders…that’s SHAMELESS!

    Yay Doug, thanks for the comment. ‘Amiable’ is hardly the greatest compliment of all time…but I’ll take it! I think I’ll click on your name now and see where it takes me…

  4. Doug says:

    Gooders – from what I recall, you gave some sort of warning in the Metro that amateurs should not attempt their own nose-trumpeting, for risk of perforating their eardrums or something. A cunning way of getting the monopoly on it!

    I’ve yet to see you on TV. What programme were you on? I’m guessing Panorama.

    Markandapril, only the very best blogs could be considered ‘amiable’. It is my No.1 criterion. It’s quite an accolade!

  5. Hipe you’re well. Say hi to April!

  6. markandapril says:

    Yo Jules, doing great actually…just got back from a day-trip to Spain (I had a meeting) and am taking off to Egypt on Sunday for a week of winter sun. Ooh, plus I won a few grand on a TV gameshow!!

    I have lots to tell you, and lots to blog about, so hopefully I’ll get time to make a few updates in the next week or two.

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