Mark#36 – Gonna Be on TV!

One of my five New Years Challenges was to get myself on TV at some point during 2007. Well it looks like this one is in the bag already.

Gooooooders and I recently auditioned for BBC 2 quiz show ‘Sudo-Q’ and, even more recently, heard that they want us on the programme! Bonkers!! It’s hosted by noneother than the absent-minded Irish TV legend, Eammon Holmes, and is a combination of sudoku puzzles and trivia questions.


To be honest, we only applied for a bit of a chuckle, but now that we’re on the show (and have a shot at winning a few grand if we’re successful) I find my competitive mindset is now well and truly in gear. I’ve been practicing the online game for the past couple of days and am steadily improving my times with each attempt.

But really, even if we don’t win, at least we’ll get a free trip to the Big Smoke (the show pays for our trains and accommodation) out of it, and I’ll get to tick off one of my New Years Challenges already.

Watch this space for info on how we get on and for broadcast dates. Note, if we do horribly, then broadcast dates might be withheld.


12 Responses to Mark#36 – Gonna Be on TV!

  1. gooders says:

    you know on university challenge how there’s always one guy who eagerly buzzes in but gets the answers SOOO horribly wrong that paxman ends of dissing the poor guy? well that guy will be me when we get on the show. I can see it coming a mile off so I’m going to brace myself ready for the humiliation and lack of prize money. Hoot!

  2. markandapril says:

    Confidence is key Gooders!

    The questions are really quite easy anyway, but as the pub quiz often shows us, you either know them or you don’t. I’m just worried about making stupid mistakes because I’m too busy looking at the cameras.

    Can I borrow your shirt for the recording?

  3. gooders says:

    I’m confident but I know my limits and my track record. So within those boundaries I’m confident. Phone the BBC and ask for “the sound guy” and he’ll probably be happy to lend you his shirt

  4. markandapril says:

    I just called BBC Manchester’s Main Switchboard. Here is a transcript of the call:

    “Hello, BBC Manchester”
    “Hello, I’d like to speak with the sound guy please”
    “Sorry, who?”
    “The SOUND guy”
    “Umm, the sound guy for which show?”
    “For the BBC”
    “Yes, but we have lots of sound guys, so I need to know which show”
    “THE sound guy. The one who lent Mark Goodwin his shirt”
    “Oh THAT sound guy, yes unfortunately he killed himself last night when he saw how bad his shirt looked on TV.”
    “Sorry to hear that, but I totally understand. Thanks for your help. Bye.”

  5. Sheri says:

    I got 7:58 on the online game, am i totally lame? Damn british trivia!

  6. gooders says:

    my worst score was 6+ minutes.
    I can’t seem to get less than 4 minutes though.
    I need coaching

  7. Kate says:

    This online game has reduced my work-day productivity to zero this afternoon.

    It’s kinda hard though. I just got this question:

    In which city was the 2006 Labour Party conference held?

    1 – Duran Duran
    2 – Take That
    3 – Westlife


  8. Bongo says:

    Let me know when you’re down in the big smoke! Might give one of the travel buddies a call so I can provide you with moral support! Bollocks really, its just another excuse for me to go down there!!

  9. markandapril says:

    Bongo – we are going down on Friday, Feb 2nd for filming. Not sure what our travel details are yet, but April has taken the day off work so she can come down too. I’ll keep you informed.

    A valiant effort Sheri, considering the questions are Brit-centric it must have been tough. My best time is 2:27. I get under 3 mins every time now.

    And Kate, I’ve had that same question – obviously a mistake. I’ve also had one where it only gave me one choice of answer…and it was wrong! There have also been a few occasions where I KNOW I’ve put the right answer but it has said it was wrong. Ah well, as long as none of the above happen to us on the show we’ll be fine, or else I’m complaining to OFCOM.

  10. markandapril says:

    Oh, and Goodwin, I can give you some coaching. We’ll do some warm-ups next week.

  11. gooders says:

    I only just saw your bbc phonecall transcript. Check my blog – the camera man has left a message of support for me regarding the shirt

  12. 2plus2is4 says:

    […] few weeks ago, I told you I am gonna be on TV. Specifically, me and my pal Gooders went down to London to appear on BBC 2 quiz show […]

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