Mark#34 – Shirt or Blouse…You Decide

Last night our good friend, Mark ‘Yonner’ ‘Goooooooders’ Goodwin appeared on TV in what will be his first of at least 3 scheduled appearances in the coming weeks.

The jury is out on whether he was wearing an unbelievably horrible men’s shirt or if it was actually, as I suspect, one of his mother’s best blouses.

What do you think?




16 Responses to Mark#34 – Shirt or Blouse…You Decide

  1. gooders says:

    dude, come on. It looked good in person.
    And actually it is by George (ASDA) so that must be worth something. I was hoping he’d let me keep it actually.

    Watch the video here:

  2. markandapril says:

    Oh come on dude…the shameless plugging has gone too far. Now you’re just commenting on people’s blogs so that you have an excuse to post the link to the video of yourself.

    Talk about an ego-trip.

  3. gooders says:

    you clearly invited me into this conversation and I felt I had an obligation to link to the original source footgage of the shirt/blowse so that people can make their own mind up. In fact I’m shocked and surprised that you didn’t link to the youtube video in your original post. Call yourself a blogger? you should be ashamed!

  4. gooders says:

    by “invited” I meant as in “posted with the expectation that I’d join in”

  5. markandapril says:

    Ha ha, I doubt your definition of ‘invited’ will make it into the Oxford English Dictionary any time soon.

    And I didn’t link to your video for the simple reason that IT’S ALREADY BLEEDIN’ EVERYWHERE ELSE!

  6. gooders says:

    even so, in the interest of responsible and thorough journalism, one should always link to sources vital to the subject at hand. THINK ON!

  7. markandapril says:

    If that is the case, why does your name attached to the comment not hyperlink back to your blog, given that you (represented by your blog) are the source of said comment?

    Regardless, I never got into this lark in the interests of responsible and thorough journalism. In fact, the more irresponsible, the less thorough, the better!

  8. gooders says:

    I call BALONEY on that point.
    you are clearly very thorough in your postings. So you lose on that one.
    I can’t find an eloquent way to say that your bloggin is also very responsible too so I’ll throw it back to you and ask you to show me when you’ve blog in an irresponsible way.

    You sir, are on the back foot!

  9. markandapril says:

    I can give you examples in almost every post I’ve ever done where I haven’t referenced the source material.

    Even in the ‘Puppy Update’ post done earlier today there is no mention of where the photo of the puppy came from.

    So I’m not at thorough as you think. And, therefore, am irresponsible.

  10. gooders says:

    how about if I change my statement from “thorough” to “usually relatively thorough”

  11. gooders says:

    I knew I’d win lose in the end.

  12. markandapril says:

    Now I’ve taken to editing your comments. How’s THAT for irresponsible blogging.

  13. gooders says:

    that’s a violation of my human rights. STRIKE ONE!!!
    if you get 3 strikes, I boycott your blog for a week. mwuhahahaha

  14. markandapril says:

    Well when you are in an argumentative mood like this I wouldn’t miss you!

    Tee hee hee.

  15. gooders says:

    takes one to know one. tzing!

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