Mark#33 – Daniel Larusso…You’re the Best Around!

Dipping back into the whole 80’s nostalgia thing today, I came across one of my favourite sequences from one of my favourite movies (well, it was one of my favourites growing up anyway).

The Karate Kid was right up there with Back to the Future and The Goonies for me, in fact they’re probably the three films that best define the 80’s for me.

In fact, I was shocked and a bit sad to hear that the actors who played ‘Sloth’ and ‘Mama Fratelli’ in The Goonies both died only 3 or 4 years after the film was made.

On a brighter note, April and I are off to Wales this weekend for a bit of R&R. With any luck we’ll find One Eye Willy’s hidden treasure.


14 Responses to Mark#33 – Daniel Larusso…You’re the Best Around!

  1. gooders says:

    danny you’re the best!

  2. The Thinking Man's number 8 says:

    Daniel LaRusso’s gonna fight?

  3. Mark J says:

    FEAR does not exist in this dojo, does it?


  4. Pete says:

    “With any luck we’ll find One Eye Willy’s hidden treasure”

    Please – there are parents and children reading this blog. What you two do on holiday is your own business!

    Speaking of movies, guess who was in Toronto today? Aishwarya Rai. Oh, the hotness.

    Wax on, grasshopper.

  5. Bongo says:

    “Paint the fence Daniel San!”

  6. markandapril says:

    Aishwaraya whatnow?!? Never heard of her. April, obviously, will know her though.

    Wax on, wax off.


  7. Pete says:


    Is Aishwarya Rai, Queen of Bollywood, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Her new movie just had its international premier here in Toronto – first Bollywood production to premier outside of India. She’s the hottest thing to come out of the subcontinent since vindaloo, with the possible exception of gnome-like Salman Rushdie’s uber-sexy wife Padma Lakshmi. Starred in “Bride and Prejudice” a few years ago – worth seeing, by the way. You can gaze on the gorgealiciousness of Aishwarya, April can moon over Martin Henderson, everybody can get up and bhangra dance during the musical interludes. She put on 20 pounds for the role in an attempt to make herself less ridiculously gorgeous. Didn’t work.

  8. Pete says:

    And Mama Fratelli – the late, great Anne Ramsey. She was even better as Mrs Lift in 1987’s “Throw Momma From the Train”, with Danny DeVito (Owen Lift) and Billy Crystal (Larry Donner). Got a well-deserved supporting actress nom at the Oscars for the role. Highly recommend this one – hilarious black comedy inspired by Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train”.

    Momma: Who the HELL are you?
    Larry: I’m Owen’s friend.
    Momma: Owen doesn’t have any friends.
    Larry: That’s because he’s shy.
    Momma: No he’s not. He’s fat and he’s stupid.

  9. markandapril says:

    Aaah, THAT Aishwarya Rai!!

  10. Atko says:

    I’m surprised a technophile like you hasn’t made it on to Facebook yet. I guess this shows that I know more about cutting edge technologies than you, ergo my assertion that google is better than yahoo must be true. In fact I think it shows that I know more about everything, thus also giving additonal weighting to the theory/fact that Australia is bigger than Europe.

  11. markandapril says:

    I have purposefully avoided Facebook thus far. The reason being that there are so many social media apps out there these days that one must be judicious about which are going to be the best use of his/her time. I’ve been invited to join several times but continue to rebuff so far.

    Inevitably, I will end up on there, but I’m waiting until it’s hits a critical mass of users that makes it worth my while to spend time on there. Comprende?

    I agree that Google is better than Yahoo!. Fortunately I only ever argued the point that Yahoo! was a bigger web company with bigger revenue and (globally) more users. All of which I am correct in asserting, which therefore – by your rationale – concludes with a high degree of finality that Europe is bigger than Australia.

  12. Atko says:

    There’s none bigger than Facebook and I think you’ll find that most people are on it now (anything that Pete Shepherd’s signed up to has definitely hit the mainstream) but I agree (with the point I think you’re making) that it is irritating that these things seem to have (approximately) a one year life cycle and then become redundant or improved upon by somebody else.

  13. Atko says:

    P.S. When I say bigger, I mean better.

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    Simply Sports: The rewards of fishingDaily – University of Washington,WA-3 hours agoI crawled out of bed, skipped the shower —

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