Mark#31 – Micro Machines

The guys are round in force tonight to partake in some multiplayer PS2 Micro Machines action. We’ve had over 75 races so far in what is becoming a truly marathon session. It’s enough to test even the most staminous of stamini.

Bongo and myself have dominated proceedings and have run away with the title by so far that Bongo has been able to leave early to watch the cricket, leaving me to play by myself (but I still haven’t lost a race!).

But the real noteworthy observation of the night is that Jake continues to prove himself inferior at every possible competition. I mean, I love the guy, but he really is rubbish. Poor Nige will give him a good kicking outside I reckon, especially as Jake has cost him a hospitality ticket to the Bolton-Portsmouth game this Saturday.


9 Responses to Mark#31 – Micro Machines

  1. markandapril says:

    oh when the blues
    go marching in
    oh when the blues
    go marching in

    [don’t delete me pls]

  2. gooders says:

    [i]yooooo give me, something
    that makes me feel alright
    pleeeeeease give me, something
    la da di da di alright
    thiiiiiis could be, nothing
    but I know that its alriiiiiiiiiight[/i]

  3. gooders says:

    p.s. thanks to April for allowing her house to be taken over for the night.

  4. Atko says:

    What a surprise… Mark won ALL the races.

  5. Actually Paul, I only won 27 out of 30 races….


  6. Bongo says:

    With help from yours truly!!

  7. Pete says:

    Happy New Year, y’all. Quiet around here… a little *too* quiet. Surely hangovers don’t last this long?

    BREAKING NEWS FROM THE UNITED NATIONS! A story of such import that it may affect geopolitics for a generation! A statement from the Sec-Gen’s office that will have you re-evaluating your most basic principles! Not for the kiddies! Move over Darfur! Get in line, Ahmadinejad! Suck it, Kim Jong-il!

    “BAN KI-MOON PICKS BEEF AND BROCCOLI FOR LUNCH AT U.N CAFETERIA: Asked what the Secretary-General had eaten when he visited the staff cafeteria on Tuesday, the Spokeswoman said he had eaten beef with broccoli. In response to another question, she noted that he continued to visit different offices at UN Headquarters.”

    We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

  8. Leona Hobbs says:

    Were you playing Micro Machines V4 (ps2: 2006)? I dig a good racing game. I played Jak X: Combat Racing last year, it was okay. I stand by Crash Team Racing for the PS as best in its genre. Sounds like the multiplayer on Micro Machines is pretty good. Is it worth the 25 bucks?

  9. Mark J says:

    We were playing the old version of Micro Machines…I don’t think V4 comes out over here until 07, and I believe (though I’m not 100% on this) it will only be 4 player. The beauty of the old Micro Machines is it’s ‘Party Play’ functionality that allows 8 people to play at once – with each person commandeering half of a joypad.

    Is it worth the $25? Probably not in my opinion. One-player mode tends to get tedious fast, so unless you have regular opportunities for group play then you might not get much use out of the game. My recommendation would be to pick up a copy of the old version from eBay.

    Racing games have never been my thing, but for a good session of Micro Machines party play, I’ll drop everything!


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