Say whaaa?

I’m waiting for Mark and Gooooders to return with a free dining table we have managed to score. Gooders has kindly offered up his piano van and table-moving expertise to support us in our quest to stop eating dinner on the couch.

While checking through spam comments which WordPress has quarantined, I noticed that apparently someone visited our blog after searching the term, ‘guys wearing bodysuits’. This is interesting on two different levels: one, that someone was searching the Internet for guys wearing bodysuits, and two, that something within the blog apparently relates to this search term.

Ooh I hear the door opening… let’s hope this table fits down the front hall… TO BE CONTINUED…


10 Responses to Say whaaa?

  1. Pete says:

    Sweet fancy Moses. Was this posted by APRIL???

    It’s been lovely and mild here the last few days, by the way – over 12 degrees yesterday! That’s PLUS 12 degrees, not negative. Thank God Al Gore invented global warmening.

    Now I’m off to google “snap-crotch” to see if I end up back here. Won’t that raise some eyebrows in the IT dept.

  2. gooders says:

    There should be more letter “O”s in my name for the first useage. After that you can revert back to just two “O”s for the rest of the piece. I’ll let it slide this time but there will be repurcussions if it happens again 🙂 Hope you enjoyed a good supper on the table??

  3. gooders says:

    oh and my sister’s 30th party was fun. I somehow managed to make a room full of people share a toast to the fact that someone couldn’t be with us because he had diorrhea (spelling?). So that was a first.

    THANKS FOR THE SHAMPERS YOU GUYS!! It remains undrank thus far but shall sooneth be dranketh.

  4. Mark J says:

    April used 4 “O”s for the first usage (myself, I opt for five – sometimes six), what is your preference?

    We didn’t actually have any supper last night because we were both still stuffed from the KFC variety bucket that we had eaten earlier in the evening. Gross.

    Any toast that includes diarr….diarhe….diorrhe…..the runs deserves a mention – I hope that the poor gent in question has managed to solidify his stools in time to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    And, Pete, those randomly warm days in the middle of the winter are the worst in my opinion, due to the false hope they bring. They somehow make the next 3 months go by even more slowly that they already would.

    Ok, anyway, its early in the morning, but April and I have a whole wack of Chrimbo shopping to get done – so it’s off to the Trafford Centre we go! HI HO.


  5. brian says:

    guess what the big new in T.O. is?
    It’s gone! It’s finally gone!!

  6. April says:

    But now where will men go to overcompensate for their… er… ‘shortcomings’ by showing off their Ferraris???

    P, you have to tell me what your Internet search for ‘snap crotch’ dredged up. Perhaps someone has found my old bodysuit and is selling it on E-bay??

    Apparently Vancouver/Van Isle have both been bombarded by storms… power has been out for days in some areas although my mom reports that Nanaimo remains unscathed.

    Hi Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooders! That enough o’s for ya?????????

  7. Pete says:

    Ebay is the place to go for all things snap-crotchy, though googling “snap-crotch bodysuit” does bring one right back here – number 1!

    Was 13 degrees yesterday – Emily and I had a pint-fuelled lunch OUTDOORS. On a PATIO. In Canada in the middle of December, without needing scarves, mittens, toques, or the ambient heat of a flaming Sassafraz* to keep us warm. Booyakasha.

    (* I last ate there years ago for a dinner before a uni formal – 6 or 7 couples we were. Given the vast amounts of red wine being consumed, it seemed reasonable to get a few pitchers of water, too. Then came the $1200 bill – bastards charged us $36 for table water! That, and it’s always full of over-botoxed, leather-skinned parvenus and their vapid cannonball-breasted trophy arm-candy. Burn, baby, burn. I just hope Indian Charlie Chaplin finds a new spot.)

    BC has been beaten like a dog – but Nanaimo, like Chuck Norris, is indestructible. Sounds like they’re getting another couple of inches of rain over the next two days, too.

    Mark, you’re totally right about the tease-value of our recent weather, but by the time February rolls around and it’s been two months of -30 windchills, I’m usually ready to slit my wrists so I’m not going to roundhouse kick a gift horse in the mouth. I hate winter with the vehemence of a thousand pissed off feminists, so the longer we can stretch this not-so-cold snap out, the better. Though if Old Man Winter sticks it to us on the back-end and we don’t get spring until June… hm…

  8. April says:


    I always wanted to be good at something, and if that thing ends up being ranked first on google for “snap crotch bodysuit” then so be it. Hopefully every time someone comments further on this monumental achievement it will consolidate our position as THE internet destination for all your snap crotch bodysuit needs.

    Sometimes, life is good…

  9. Pete says:

    “Gingerbread houses latest victim of global warming”

    Women and minority gingerbread houses will be hardest hit, of course. When will the nightmare end?! Damn you, Al Gore!

  10. hilker says:

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