Mark#27 – Jake is Drunk

It’s late on Saturday night. April is in Paris so I’m enjoying a drunken night with the guys. Unfortunately, on these drunken nights, guys tend to say things they shouldn’t.

My pal Jake, who is perhaps the most drunk of all the drunken guys, has just informed us that he thinks his girlfriend, Claire, reminds him of a character from Star Wars, though he neglected to tell us which character he has in mind. I’m sure Claire will be livid when she reads this, and I’m sure Jake will call me begging to take this post down…but it’s just too damn funny.

So, in the meantime, would anybody care to guess which character Jake might think Claire looks like?


7 Responses to Mark#27 – Jake is Drunk

  1. jake stinks! i have been on many all day sessions with the man known as Rowson and i consider myself his best mate. Unfortunately he plagues my dreams with his pathetic attempts at pretending it is someone else’s round. you think you know someone and then they try a stunt like tonight. I consider this to be my last will and testament before Jake claims his prize, (me, that is!) Anyway, I must go and assist in pumping Jake’s stomach. anyone who knows him will know the score – can’t take him anywhere. Based on recent Rowoson efforts at drinking, its time to call 999.

  2. You see this is what happens when you start drinking before puberty on the sammy.

  3. Pete says:

    I really hope the answer isn’t “Jabba”

  4. Luke says:


    I hope the smell of Jakes farts had cleared from your house before April returned. I was in a very bad way by the time we got back to yours but I can take comfort in the fact that Jake was worse than me!

  5. Mark says:

    Jake actually texted me the following in the morning:

    “As you could see, I was quite drunk yesterday. Hope that excuses me for falling on your table and spilling drinks everywhere.”

    Ha ha ha. Doofus.

    As for the Star Wars poser, I hope for his sake that he was thinking of Princess Leia in the gold bikini.


  6. Jake says:

    I can’t remember much from Saturday to be honest, but Princess Leia must be the character I was referring too….

    Lukey who says you’re my best mate… best mates don’t leave me alone in my house with complete strangers! What happened to you when we got back to mine ??….you disappeared sharpish. Mark, have you checked your side passage ( no lewd comments chaps please ) as I’m sure I heard Gregwah blowing some big chunks down there….

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