Mark#26 – Could be on the Telly!

A few weeks ago I requested application forms for a couple of TV game shows. I was just goofing around really, though I do really want to go on The Weakest Link, and I am planning to make it onto Mastermind sometime before I die.

So forms for The Weakest Link and the new series of Supermarket Sweep came rolling in, but as yet I haven’t completed them. But today, completely out of the blue I got a call from the producer of Sudo-Q – a daytime TV game show that combines the mathematical elements of Sudoku, with some very easy trivia questions. It’s not the most thrilling show out there, but it is hosted by Eammon Holmes whose absent-minded genius does tend to elevate it to respectable daytime viewing.

Anyway, I’ve scored myself an audition. Or rather I should say ‘we’ have scored ‘ourselves’ an audition, because it’s a two-player game, which means I had to nominate a partner. So my chum Goooooders very kindly agreed to be my sidekick for a bit of a laugh.

Let’s hope we do well enough at our audition to make it onto the show. What a hoot!


14 Responses to Mark#26 – Could be on the Telly!

  1. Sheri says:

    Wow, lookit you the big celebrity-in-training. Next stop, survivor. Get ready to eat some bugs!!!

  2. markandapril says:

    In Britain, there’s no room for regular people on reality TV. Every reality show is just crammed with ‘celebrities’. And by celebrities I mean people who were famous for a week back in 1989 and who have spent the past 15 years desperately trying to recapture some public profile. It’s this desperation that makes them such compulsive viewing, but it’s also kind of sad.


  3. Eastwood scores says:

    Look forward to taking the mick out of you, I can see you bumming Dale now.

  4. The Thinking Man's number 8 says:

    Eastwood – you really do have a potty mouth on this site – I seem to recall you asking about the Jones’ bedtime fun on a previous post and here you are today with a vison of Dale Winton and MJ copulating as only men can.

    Is Dale getting a reach around in your vision? (now you have got me started!)

  5. markandapril says:

    Sparky, I should inform you that ‘Eastwood’ on this site is actually Andy Nuttall. He thinks he’s being clever by making rude comments in Easty’s name, and putting Easty’s email address in to cover his tracks.

    Unfortunately, he gets Easty’s address wrong every time, and what he doesn’t realise is that – as moderator of the site – I can see his IP address so I know that these comments are coming from his computer.

    Nutty, rather than carrying on with you making these rude comments and then me having to delete them, can I ask you to please just stop making them on this site. As I mentioned in a previous response to one of your ‘Eastwood’ comments, my parents and April’s parents both read this site, so it’s totally inappropriate.


  6. hey look! a tumbleweed!

  7. Pete says:

    In lieu of the wedding pics apparently on the slowest of slow boats from China, here’s some shameless self-promotion:

    Four words: Kramer… blackface… talking jive. Sharpton is gonna blow his nut.


  8. Pete says:

    Congratulations on your engagement, gooders.

    Ten guineas says we see his wedding photies before April and Mark’s.

  9. markandapril says:

    Ha ha, I’ve seen the Michael Richards thing already – RIDICULOUS!!

    Oh yeah, the wedding photos! Well, Pete, there’s a story there. You’re pretty much the only person who hasn’t seen them now. See, there was a problem uploading them to the blog, so we decided to email a selection around instead. Some to the family, some to work colleagues, some to a group of friends. Unfortunately you fall into the smallest possible category (friends based in Canada) which it seems we have forgotten to send to. Eek.

    I’ll email you a few now.

    Access to the full album will be posted on here next week (there is a security issue with it that we are currently rectifying with the photographer).


  10. Pete says:

    Got’em – cheers, Mark. Luvverly.

    Mrs. Jones – you’re totally off my BFF list for that glaring omission. Pfthbbbbt!

  11. Nutty says:

    Sorry Mark, I am childish. (what easty’s real email address so i can get away with it in future)

  12. Nutty says:

    the above was an apology, surely your not still mad at me mark? I should be banished from this website.

  13. April says:

    Nutface, I was never mad at you…just making a point and then moving on. And exposing you was just a bit of fun for me 😉


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