Mark#31 – Micro Machines

December 28, 2006

The guys are round in force tonight to partake in some multiplayer PS2 Micro Machines action. We’ve had over 75 races so far in what is becoming a truly marathon session. It’s enough to test even the most staminous of stamini.

Bongo and myself have dominated proceedings and have run away with the title by so far that Bongo has been able to leave early to watch the cricket, leaving me to play by myself (but I still haven’t lost a race!).

But the real noteworthy observation of the night is that Jake continues to prove himself inferior at every possible competition. I mean, I love the guy, but he really is rubbish. Poor Nige will give him a good kicking outside I reckon, especially as Jake has cost him a hospitality ticket to the Bolton-Portsmouth game this Saturday.


Mark#30 – Some Wedding Snaps

December 20, 2006

It was a GREAT day… 





Mark#29 – 5 Things Meme

December 19, 2006

My pal Leona has hit me with the ‘5 things you don’t know about me’ meme. This means I’m now obliged to tell you 5 random things about myself that you hopefully didn’t already know about me, and hopefully find worth knowing.

Here goes…

1) I can fit my entire fist in my mouth.

2) A confession: I once let my brother get in trouble with the police for smashing a window that I actually smashed (to this day I don’t think Andy knew I was behind it…I was going to save that one for my best man speech at his wedding next year, but whatever, I have more than enough ammo for that!).

3) One of my biggest ambitions is to write a screenplay despite a comprehensive lack of screenplay-writing knowledge.

4) I used to be in Oldham Theatre Workshop and appeared on stage in ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ and in an episode of Emmerdale Farm. My budding acting career was prematurely ended when I was booted out due to misbehaviour that was wrongly attributed to me (this could be karma for the window-smashing incident).

5) My favourite TV programmes include: Homes Under the Hammer; Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares; Lost; 24; So You Think You Can Dance.

April, Goooooders and Pete, it’s now on you to continue the ‘5 things…’ fun.

Mark#28 – New Year Challenges

December 19, 2006

I just read THIS STORY about a guy who set himself five New Year ‘challenges’ instead of resolutions.

His 2006 challenges were to:

1) Appear on TV

2) Meet someone who has starred in a computer game

3) Start a celebrity-signed teabag collection

4) Break a world record (for eating most brussel sprouts in a minute)

5) Fly in a helicopter.

I think this is a totally neat idea!

I never bother with resolutions because I know that they’ll be forgotten by the time February rolls around. The concept of establishing clear objectives to be achieved in a defined time period is much more up my alley – my competitive instincts just won’t allow me to resist a challenge like this. Plus, it’s fun of course, especially because I can challenge myself to do some of the things that I always say I want to do, but never actually do.

So I’ve decided I’m going to set myself five challenges for 2007.

Any suggestions?

Say whaaa?

December 15, 2006

I’m waiting for Mark and Gooooders to return with a free dining table we have managed to score. Gooders has kindly offered up his piano van and table-moving expertise to support us in our quest to stop eating dinner on the couch.

While checking through spam comments which WordPress has quarantined, I noticed that apparently someone visited our blog after searching the term, ‘guys wearing bodysuits’. This is interesting on two different levels: one, that someone was searching the Internet for guys wearing bodysuits, and two, that something within the blog apparently relates to this search term.

Ooh I hear the door opening… let’s hope this table fits down the front hall… TO BE CONTINUED…

Mark#27 – Jake is Drunk

December 9, 2006

It’s late on Saturday night. April is in Paris so I’m enjoying a drunken night with the guys. Unfortunately, on these drunken nights, guys tend to say things they shouldn’t.

My pal Jake, who is perhaps the most drunk of all the drunken guys, has just informed us that he thinks his girlfriend, Claire, reminds him of a character from Star Wars, though he neglected to tell us which character he has in mind. I’m sure Claire will be livid when she reads this, and I’m sure Jake will call me begging to take this post down…but it’s just too damn funny.

So, in the meantime, would anybody care to guess which character Jake might think Claire looks like?

Mark#26 – Could be on the Telly!

December 6, 2006

A few weeks ago I requested application forms for a couple of TV game shows. I was just goofing around really, though I do really want to go on The Weakest Link, and I am planning to make it onto Mastermind sometime before I die.

So forms for The Weakest Link and the new series of Supermarket Sweep came rolling in, but as yet I haven’t completed them. But today, completely out of the blue I got a call from the producer of Sudo-Q – a daytime TV game show that combines the mathematical elements of Sudoku, with some very easy trivia questions. It’s not the most thrilling show out there, but it is hosted by Eammon Holmes whose absent-minded genius does tend to elevate it to respectable daytime viewing.

Anyway, I’ve scored myself an audition. Or rather I should say ‘we’ have scored ‘ourselves’ an audition, because it’s a two-player game, which means I had to nominate a partner. So my chum Goooooders very kindly agreed to be my sidekick for a bit of a laugh.

Let’s hope we do well enough at our audition to make it onto the show. What a hoot!