Mark#25 – Kate & Rich

A big shout out to our friends back in Toronto, Kate & Rich! Or, as April refers to them, ‘bizarro April & Mark’, on account of the many eerie similarities in our lives and relationships.

April and Kate both moved to Toronto from different parts of Canada. Standing at a similar height and with the same dark hair and fair skin, both found work in the B2B practice group at Fleishman-Hillard Canada (which is where they met). They bonded over their mutual interests of shopping, designer goods, more shopping and, last but not least, their love of tall, handsome, English men who had emigrated to Canada. So, inevitably, the men in their lives eventually met and, lo and behold, the similarities continued.

There was none of that “our girlfriends are mates so we have to be mates” type-awkwardness, Rich and myself hit it off immediately in our own right. Sharing a healthy obsession with football (although as Rich follows Nottingham Forest, it’s debatable if he can really call himself a football fan) and a broader interest in sports, beer, more sports and hot, dark-haired Canadian women.

Happily, and perhaps appropriately, April and I weren’t the only ones to tie the knot this year – as Kate and Rich did the deed just a few weeks before us. And today, courtesy of Kate’s talented siblings, we were introduced to a compilation video of Kate & Rich’s history, and it’s a hoot….

Oh, and by the way Kate, I can confirm that April did NOT go through the Laura Ashley phase…so maybe you’re not so bizarro after all.


6 Responses to Mark#25 – Kate & Rich

  1. Kate says:

    Shout outs … umm … back to you (is there a cool way to say that that I don’t know about?)

    I think April is lying about the Laura Ashley phase. If she hit the Cotton Ginny/Northern Reflections and Au Coton phases (she knows it) then it would have come a year or two later. Surely she had a great dress scare somewhere around ’91 that she’s blocking from memory.

    You might hear back on the Nottingham Forest issue. Them’s fightin’ words!

    We miss you guys!

  2. April says:

    Haha, indeed I did suffer through the Northern Reflections and Au Cotton phases, followed closely by Ikeda lock-up jeans and Karuba, with some Cross Colours in there for good measure.

    Oddly, Laura Ashley was never popular on tha West Siiide (how cool does THAT sound) but I did have a great dress scare in ’90… it was pink and floral and came from a store called Mariposa in Woodgrove Mall which sells hooker-esque clothes. Still not sure why my mom let me buy it…

    I also later went through a phase of wearing bodysuits with hammer pants and crocheted tops. Ask Eric about my 1996 closet cleanout… he fell off the bed laughing when he saw an off-the-shoulder scoop neck blue floral snap-crotch bodysuit. May it rest in peace.

    Miss you Kate!

  3. Brian says:

    Snap-crotch?? ha!! That is the best. Word. EVER!! Especially when combined with bodysuit. Miss you guys:(

  4. April says:

    Snap-crotch has lots of potential as a band name. In a way, it is also onomatopoeic.
    The bodysuit was worn with a spiral perm. Those were dark times…
    Can’t wait to see you Brian! Less than a month to go…. the cats miss their uncle B.

  5. Kate says:

    I had forgotten about the bodysuit, hammer pants and crochet phase. Maybe that’s where our fashion paths went separate ways. I chose the floral old lady dress and you chose the sasssssy floral bodysuit. Sadly for me, I think you beat me in the style stakes in that get-up!

  6. April says:

    The only thing that should have been beaten was me, for wearing that monstrosity in the first place!

    Did you ever wear Wet & Wild makeup? My sister and I were all over that action…

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