Mark#23 – Hurry Up Bongo, We’re Starving!!

I’m sitting on the couch. Laptop on my lap. Beer in my hand. Bloggin’ on t’Internet.

April is sitting on the couch. Purse on her lap. TV remote in her hand. Watching Britain’s Next Top Model.

Eric is sitting on the ottoman. Hands on his lap. Nothing in his hand. Also, watching Britain’s Next Top Model.

Bongo is driving back from Preston. Nothing on his lap. Steering wheel in his hands (hopefully). Watching the road and talking to his pal, Tanya.

When Bongo and Tanya arrive we’re all heading out to the Blue Diamond for a chinky. Hurry up Bongo, we’re starving!

I’m thinking about what I’m going to order. I guess it’ll go something like this: Seaweed. Crispy duck pancakes with hoisin sauce. Salt and pepper king prawns with fried rice and plain fried noodles. April will share the appetizers and no doubt order deep fried crispy chicken in O.K. sauce.



5 Responses to Mark#23 – Hurry Up Bongo, We’re Starving!!

  1. Brian says:

    Chinky?? lmao…btw, I’m finding myself checking your blog for updates quite excessively whilst “working” (heavily exaggerated air quotes)…so I may or may not be leaving many random comments from time to time, please don’t think of me as your stalker…(unless of course you find that flattering) I’m just v. bored!
    cheers, b

  2. I think you need to stop hiding under the guise of a cat and use your own name in the Toronto blogger network. AND – if you were here, you’d be in the top five for sure!

  3. markandapril says:

    Top five?!? Errm…I was assuming you left me out because I was a clear number one, and you didn’t want the rest of them to feel bad.


  4. Sheri says:

    re: chinky

    Ok, I had to ask Barry what that meant. You brits are so politically incorrect! I see you’ve settled back in nicely mark as I need his help to translate the terminology in your postings!

    Hope you’re enjoying married life!

  5. Pete says:

    What about the Christmas stamps we used to get from the “Spastic Society”? Those were brilliant. I believe they’ve since changed the name to something ridiculous like “SCOPE”. What a bunch of scopers.

    My London cousins introduced me to “mong” as a pejorative – short for “mongoloid”, i.e. the facial characteristics associated with Down’s Syndrome. Criminy!

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