Mark#22 – Getting back in the Groove

It’s been two months and three days since I last blogged.

Note to self: MUST DO BETTER!

In my defence, a lot has happened in that time. In the last sixty-something days, I have: imported our cats, moved into a new house, got married, been on honeymoon, smuggled my birthday past everyone, quit my job, set up my own business, decorated and organised the new house (well, at least part of it), been to Wales for a bonfire weekend, been to London thrice (all business, unfortunately), played five games of football for my new team – The Turks Head, set-up a blog for my new team – The Turks Head, bought a lawnmower, mowed the lawn, bought a rake, raked the lawn (twice), and WON THE PUB QUIZ!!!

There’s been much more besides, of course, but I figured once I got down to writing that I bought a lawnmower and a rake that I was scraping the barrel. I can pretty much guarantee that I’ve forgotten to include something more important than buying garden tools, and that April will wade in with “How did you forget to mention….”

Married life is GREAT. I didn’t think getting married would change our relationship at all, or rather the way I felt about our relationship, but something magical has happened that I can’t really describe. Except to say that everything is just that much better now, more special somehow, and I’m loving every minute of it!

I noticed April tried and failed to post wedding pics. This is probably a good thing because it now means I get full editorial control and can edit out all the ones of me with my eyes half closed and looking ready to pass out. Our Sky Broadband Internet connection is now installed and should be activated tomorrow (according to Sky, who have a track record of lying to me about this sort of thing), which means Internet access at home, at last. So all being well, I’ll post some pics this weekend.

And then I’ll follow it up with some honeymoon snaps as well.

Alright, that’s it for now.

Ta ta.

Oh, and here’s some more 80s nostalgia:


10 Responses to Mark#22 – Getting back in the Groove

  1. Brian says:

    I think I just puked a little…haha. How saccharine mi amigo! Glad things are still in the honeymoon stage and magical…but you just wait until I move in, then you’ll truly experience magical…muahahhahahahahah!!!

  2. Steph says:

    Button Moon myst be some UK thing- but I can definitely appreciate the sentiment.
    I can’t believe your b-day has come and gone- SO SORRY! Happy belated. Just imagine, if you were at FH, we would have given you some themed party accompanied by a yummy cake. I of course, would have taken the pictures.
    Anyhoo- miss you guys lots. Rock on with your married selves!

  3. markandapril says:

    BRIAN!! Ha ha, it’s funny, when I was writing that sickly sweet bit, it didn’t seem sickly sweet. But now, reading it back, yeah it’s a bit foo-foo. That’s ok though. It’ll score me some points with the wife.

    Can’t wait for you to get over here – four weeks and four days to go!!! I’ve discovered that having Eric around without you is just like having a third cat.

    STEPH!! Well, I just emailed you, so don’t need to respond to your comment. Ooh, except to say that, yes, Button Moon is a UK thing.

    And a quick story: On the day of my birthday, April and I were in Florence. And at about 1pm, she suddenly turned to me and said “Omigod….HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, (yes, she had forgotten) to which I looked absolutely confused and then replied “Oh yeah, yeah I guess it is” (I had totally forgotten too!).

    But then, we were in the middle of buying up half of the best designer outlet mall in Italy, so we were both somewhat distracted.

    For the record, she bought me a Gucci wallet. And it’s fab!


  4. dude it wasn’t foo foo at all. you should stand by your earlier expression of love. i liked it. it was inspired and inspiring.

  5. Rohini says:

    Hey Mr. And Mrs. Jones,

    Glad to hear that you guys had fun all went well with the nuptials and honeymoon (barring rain, that is a given when getting wed in England) and even came out of it with some good photos. Can’t wait to see them! And YAY for the feline reunion 🙂

    My blog goes live on December 1, so stay tuned for more on my end from then..

    Miss you guys!

  6. markandapril says:

    Goooooders – awww, gee thanks!

    Rhino Moocher – so excited for the birth of your blog…long overdue if you ask me. What is the theme / focus of it going to be? Work or personal? Broad or specific? Please don’t make me wait two whole weeks to find out! Did you get promoted by the way? If so, huge congrats…much deserved for sure!


  7. Rohini says:

    OK fine, Marky – you get the blog spoiler – it’s my journey in the big bad PR world, personal and professional. Since FH blogs now, I will be linked to the FH site, hence the rushed bulking up of content on my blog. I am getting into social media in a big way through Third Tuesdays, this group that includes dave jones, leona, joe thornley and other big blogger names in Canada.
    Anyway – I did get promoted, and I have Steph’s old office. SO excited. Every now and then, I have to just shut the door and dance (coz I now can). Whee! Thanks for the advance wishes. Now if you’d just revert to my unspellchecked name. Hehe.
    I miss your pranks. No one here eats cat food any more. Or jumps our from boxes. Or chases orange skulls. And what kind of corporate environment is that??
    I LOVE entourage too…so hooked, finishing season 2 tonight. anyways this is an email, not a comment…miss you guys, keep writing, and wait for the blog!

  8. Jill says:

    I miss you guys! I’ve been at work all weekend working on an RFP, so I’m a tad cranky and lonely. Can’t wait to visit in late March/early April: Patsy Stone is Manchester bound; my friend Kelly says you must take me to Old Trafford. Whaddaya say?

  9. We can get tickets for Old Trafford no problemo, and I’m always looking for a good excuse to go to football!

    Sucks that you’ve had to work all weekend…but also strangely reassuring to know that some things (i.e. the FH work/life balance) never change.


  10. Chicasensu says:

    Maybe sex- I don’t know….My nick is ChicaSensual20…wanna see me on cam?…chat page!!!

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