Mark#21 – Charley Says…

For anyone born in the 80’s, this is nostalgia at its most nostalgic.

And for anyone born in the 90’s, think ‘The Prodigy’.

You can see all six of the ‘Charley Says…’ public information films by clicking here. They are way better quality than the Youtube versions too. The one called ‘Strangers‘ is both alarming and hilarious.

In fact, the site that hosts all these clips is the archive for loads of British public information films through the years. It’s quite cool just to scan through there, there’s tons you’ll recognise.

I was looking for the one where the kid burns his hand on a sparkler. You know the one, they used to peddle it out every time bonfire night came around. I couldn’t find it, but what I could find was the insanely lame Hale and Pace doing their ‘The Management’ skit for fireworks safety.


One Response to Mark#21 – Charley Says…

  1. ha, I’m lovin’ it!
    these guys should have watched the sparkler thing though:

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