Mark#19 – Everton 3 – 0 Liverpool

I’m getting married in less than two weeks, the sun is shining, and Everton have just stuffed Liverpool three nil.


Life is good.


7 Responses to Mark#19 – Everton 3 – 0 Liverpool

  1. Sheri says:

    Life overseas, however is not so bright and shiny (more like hung over). After a fun night out at the first night his bachelor party, imagine Barry’s disappointment to see his beloved reds lose. Ah well, at least he was able to drink his sorrows away on night 2 of the bachelor weekend!

    Good luck with the weddings plans guys! We’re on the downhill slope now too!

  2. markandapril says:

    Well I have no sympathy for Barry, he spent the last two years gloating to me (via you normally) every time Liverpool beat us. So I hope you show him this post – I’ll officially dedicate it to him I think.

    How did the bachelor and hen parties go? I hope he survived the ‘attack’!


  3. Nice to see you looking towards marriage as a “good” thing. I have friends who have a very different outlook.

  4. Sheri says:

    The parties were great and it only took a day of couch rest of Sunday to recover (well, maybe a bit more for Barry). No “attack” was had, he was kidnapped by the boys wearing jason masks. He was treated to a friday night dressed in a hula outfit and a saturday in a bunny outfit. You men and your desire to humiliate each other, I’ll never understand it!!

  5. markandapril says:

    I’ll never understand it either. I was forced to go through a full day of paintballing (where camouflage is key) wearing a tutu, some kind of leotard, a tiara, fairy wings and a wand. All in candyfloss pink.

    The recovery process took much longer than a day though – in fact, I still have some faded bruises.


  6. Sheri says:

    Ooh – sounds hot! I’d LOVE to see pictures!

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