Mark#16 – Let’s Get Quizzical

We took part in the Turks Head pub quiz last night. Although we improved on our last outing (a paltry 14 out of 30), we clearly still have room for improvement, having scored just 19.5 out of 30.


Our team, The Wernham-Hoggs, got off to a promising start. But we must have either lost concentration or just got too drunk during the mid-game drinks break, because everything fell apart after half-time.

Next week we aim to break the 20 barrier. But don’t hold your breath, we may very well have peaked.


6 Responses to Mark#16 – Let’s Get Quizzical

  1. The all seeing Greek says:

    oooooooooooooooh, check out Mr Turks Head! The quiz starts way to far past my bedtime. Nice to see the plug for Nobby’s Nuts also which, although they do not have the zing of KP, are tasty enough to satisfy the hungry amateur footballer on a Thursday night. What I want to know is – did Geoff Stelling help you?

  2. markandapril says:

    Alas, my encounter with Jeff Stelling had ended a few hours prior to the commencement of the quiz. I should be seeing him again within the next couple of weeks, at which time I intend to ask him to record a personal message for April. I’ll keep you updated.

    And the Nobby’s Nuts belonged to Woody, who I don’t think cares as much about taste as he does just making sure there is ample food within his radius of reach.


  3. Do they have a “no google” rule at such quizzes?
    I would’ve been twitching for my phone with every question I think.

  4. markandapril says:

    Well this is the Turks Head remember, average age about 65, so I don’t think they’ve had to consider cheating via mobile devices. But I can safely say that I, for one, would get no satisfaction from any sort of victory secured through Googling the answers.

    However, I did call my Mum at half time to get one answer – but that was only because it was driving me crazy. It was one of those pesky ones where I knew I knew it, but it wouldn’t come to mind.


  5. markandapril says:

    I’d say we displayed initiative.


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