Mark#15 – Movie Magic

As an avid DVD collector, the past 3 months have been torturous for me because I’ve been unable to play my Canadian Region 1 DVDs on these pesky British Region 2 DVD players.

I’ve been psyching myself up to buy a multi-region, HDMI compatible, progressive scan player, but a moment of inspiration about half an hour ago has just rendered that unnecessary…and saved me the £200-£300 outlay in the process.

Realising that most electrical devices can be hacked these days, I did a bit of speculative digging online and, lo and behold, within seconds I had found a code that enabled me to hack into my Mum and Dad’s old Philips 634 DVD player and enable the multi-region capability.


Now we can FINALLY watch Entourage Season 2, Deadwood Season 2, and all those other Canadian DVDs we bought just before we moved out here.

I’m so proud of myself!


2 Responses to Mark#15 – Movie Magic

  1. markandapril says:

    God? Isn’t that just another word for ‘Internet’?


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