Mark#14 – Ciao ed Bienvenute a Firenze

During our upcoming honeymoon in Italy, we’ll be taking in the sights, sounds, food, wine, culture and, most importantly, romance of Rome, Florence and Venice. And in preparation for our trip, I’m desperately trying to grasp the basics of the Italian language.

So far, the only sentence I have mastered is the one in the title of this posting. But given it translates to “Hello and welcome to Florence”, I can’t imagine a scenario where this will be of any use to us. Well, except I suppose I’ll understand if the concierge offers it up as a greeting when we arrive at our hotel in Florence.  

Originally we were intending to stay in small, boutique hotels so that we could get as authentic an experience as possible. However, we quickly found out that leaving our reservations until just a month before the trip mean most half-decent boutique hotels were fully-booked.

So we changed plan and have instead decided to go for the four-star luxury of the Sofitel Roma and the Sofitel Venezia. Except, that is, in Florence, where we have taken a bit of a gamble on the Hermitage Hotel – a little place just around the corner from the Uffizi Art Gallery. 


Rooftop Terrace at the Sofitel Roma

I’ve just realised that, remarkably, this will be the first holiday that April and I have ever taken alone together. All our previous jaunts have been either to visit April’s family in Nanaimo, or to visit my family in Thornham, or meeting my family in Florida or the Caribbean.

Having already moved in, rescued pets, bought property (twice) and moved countries together, it’s reassuring to know we’ve at least left something until after we get wed!


5 Responses to Mark#14 – Ciao ed Bienvenute a Firenze

  1. April says:

    Good point! We have packed a lot into the last 2.5 years but I’m sure there’s still plenty more “firsts” to come. Like, the first time you forget our wedding anniversary… and the first time I make you sleep on the couch! (Kidding – you’re great at remembering things.) xxx

  2. haha, nice way to bring him back down to earth there april 🙂

    Tip for Mark:
    Say “ciao bella” to all the ladies. I think it means “see ya darlin” or something like that.

  3. p.s. Mark. I’m very much enjoying using google reader to keep up with my favourite blogs/feeds. I’ve only been using it 2 days but its dead good. You just sign up with google reader and then add it to your personal google homepage and then you can get your latest “news” from any computer in the world (whoopie doo)

  4. markandapril says:

    Yes Gooders, I’m fully aware of Google Reader. Unfortunately I’m staunchly loyal to Yahoo! so try to avoid Google products where possible.

    Yahoo! does offer the same (and the neutrals tell me superior) functionality, which I will look into. I used to have a My Yahoo! page set-up with RSS feeds delivering my news, but haven’t touched that since we moved back to the UK.


  5. *gasp*
    Avoid google products where possible?


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