Mark#9 – Taking the Piss

Actually, this post should be titled ‘Taking A Piss’, which is exactly what CNN reporter Kyra Phillps was doing yesterday during a live Presidential broadcast. Unfortunately, she forgot to turn her microphone off…

I imagine George Bush’s media advisors were delighted (in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they arranged it), I mean it’s probably the first time that someone has come off looking more stupid than him during one of his speeches.




3 Responses to Mark#9 – Taking the Piss

  1. ha funny.
    just so you know, my piano site is
    you can pass that on to your friend if you like.
    I think I have a great piano that could be within budget actually. It’s a Bechstein upright. Not yet listed on the site (cos the site is being overhauled as we speak).

    Also… are you a marketing guru?
    If you are, check out my current site design

    and also my [almost complete] new site here:

    I’ve read up quite a bit on online marketing and am trying to implement what I’ve learnt. I’m quite “in to” the whole marketing thing actually. Making an emotional/human connection with the visitor is something I’m currently trying to focus on to increase conversions.

    Anyway… I saw one of your blogger blogs was marketing related so that’s why I mention it.


  2. markandapril says:

    Yo Goooooooooders – thanks for the comment, and for the piano info. My mate Paul was actually on the blog this morning so he saw your comment before I even had chance to tell him about it. He’s passed your info on to his missus. What did we discuss by way of a finders fee for referrals?? Hee hee hee.

    Am I a marketing guru? Well I’m a public relations professional though and I do have some broader marketing experience, though I would hardly call myself a guru. As for online marketing specifically, well I spent the past two and a half years doing PR for a little online company called Yahoo! – you may have heard of them. One of my current clients is also an online retailer, though she sells childrens toys, not pianos.

    I like the look and feel of where the new site is at. It’s a bit cleaner and more professional than the old version. I could give you some pointers in improving your site, but what I could really do that would be of value to you is to help spread the word about your site. Especially with your video-producing capabilities I reckon we could come up with a wicked viral campaign…and there’s some potential for a bit of media relations too, if you want your website in the papers that is? If we can get more traffic to your site, and keep the conversion rate the same (or even better, improve it), then you’ll be on the right track.

    We should have a proper pow-wow (offline of course).


  3. that all sounds cool.
    As a finders fee instead of giving you money I instead promise not to make you look silly at the next training session with my dazzling skills and trickery. I’d say that’s a good deal all round wouldn’t you?

    Regarding your PR expertise/ideas I’m quite resistant to change and skeptical of most things that I didn’t think of myself but I will definately be keen to hear how I/we/you can drive traffic to my site and get me in the papers 🙂 And then I guess the conversion side of things is down to my site design and how effectively it can convert sales or at least make people get in touch with me.

    But for now… I’ve just had my car broken into for my phone which I accidentally left on the passenger seat so I’ve gotta get that sorted out now. Most business calls come through to that number so I really need a replacement sim card with the same number quickly!! but I bet it will take a week or something stupid like that.

    remember, I’m on yonnermark [at] gmail [dot] com for email or googletalk. or my msn thing is markgoodwinpianos [at] gmail [dot] com but I’ve got no internet in my house for about a week.

    for entertainment I will now empty the contents of my buzzing head all over your blog:

    blah blah blah
    pr pr pr
    money money money
    phone phone phone
    footy footy footy
    stiff neck stiff neck stiff neck
    home home home
    exciting exciting exciting
    worswick worswick worswick

    ok, that’s enough of that.
    see ya

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