Mark#6 – The Fame Game

April and I spent over three years living in Toronto, Canada, before moving over to the UK. As a major North American city, host of one of the top film festivals on the planet, and a prime location for movie shoots (movies that are “set” in New York City are often filmed in Toronto – its cheaper and easier to secure permits apparently), it wasn’t unusual to see the odd celebrity knocking about town. Especially when you live on the fringes of the ultra-chic Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood, as we did. And especially when you work in PR, as we did and, indeed, still do.

Below – in no particular order – are the highlights of my Toronto celebrity encounters:

1) April so excited at seeing Scott Speedman that she squeezed my hand so tightly it almost came off.

2) Being surprised by how stunning Sigourney Weaver is in the flesh (I always thought she looked like a monkey until I saw her up-close).

3) Seeing Dustin Hoffman marching up Bay Street, at least five steps ahead of his wife, who was desperately trying to keep up.

4) Watching Natalie Portman just sitting there, eating breakfast, and being incredibly, unbelievably HOT. Because she’s top of my celebrity ‘to do’ list, April encouraged me to go chat her up (anyone remember that episode of Friends, where Ross meets Isabella Rosselini?), but my supersonic sonar radar told me she probably wouldn’t be interested.

5) Coming seriously close to a fist fight with Canadian Idol winner, Ryan Malcolm (the Canadian equivalent of Will Young), which I would have won. Easily.


3 Responses to Mark#6 – The Fame Game

  1. Garcy says:

    Where did you see Natalie?

  2. markandapril says:

    We saw her in the breakfast diner, Eggstacy, on Bay Street, just north of Bloor Street. I believe she was in town filming ‘Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium’, which also stars Dustin Hoffman – who we saw on Bay Street as we left the diner.

  3. check out the song “natalie portman” by ozma.
    it’s kinda teenie angst rock but I like it anyway.

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