Mark#4 – Stag Hunting

Although the wedding isn’t until September 22nd, April and I are being whisked away for our hen and stag parties this coming Saturday.

Whilst April and her new pals will be indulging in delicious Japanese cuisine and the best cocktails in Manchester, I’ll be in the slightly less pampered atmostphere of a wet, muddy West Yorkshire field, having my ass pummelled by balls of paint travelling 206 MPH, courtesy of 30 or so of my so-called ‘friends’.


But I’m not afraid. Although it’s been a few years since I’ve stepped onto a paintball field, I’m confident enough in my expert infantry skills, after all I did win the ‘Player of the Day’ award the last time I played. Also, I think my pals are grown up enough now to take it easy on me and not just abuse me because it’s my symbolic last day of freedom. Yeah, it’ll be alright.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m a dead man. And I’m starting to brick it.


2 Responses to Mark#4 – Stag Hunting

  1. Atko says:

    I also won ‘player of the day’ last time I played (although it was 8 years ago).

  2. markandapril says:

    Well then I best make sure we’re on separate teams or else we’ll just end up dominating everyone.


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