Get your Missoni on

Mark abandoned me this past weekend so I did what any self-respecting shopaholic would do: I revved up the Peugeot and made a trip to House of Fraser. (It would have been Harvey Nicks but then my damn conscience kicked in…)

Sure, the place looked a bit like a jumble sale at first and I fear that this could deter a less chronic shopper. Perseverance is key as good deals are there to be had.

I almost fell down when I discovered a rack of Missoni scarves, marked down to £19.50. No – that is not a typo. £19.50!!! I called up my soon-to-be-sister-in-law to relay the good news. Once she realized I wasn’t saying “£90.50” she too felt the elation only a deep designer discount can provide.

I’m wearing mine now.

Is it wrong that I think I need a cigarette?


2 Responses to Get your Missoni on

  1. jan says:

    wow, yes you do need a ciggy!!

    How amazing, I am so in love with Missoni I think I have to buy some post pay day


  2. April says:

    Somehow I thought you would relate!! 🙂
    Can’t wait for your wedding… loving the dresscode (Mark will have to let me buy a new dress.. hehe…)


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