Mark#2 – China Kicks Ass…Literally!

Nanjing, China, capital of the Jhiangsu Province (thanks Wikipedia). One of the most culturally significant cities in the Eastern hemisphere. A former capital of China on several occasions. A mecca of sorts for artists, intellectuals and poets alike. More galleries, museums, festivals, libraries and theatres than you can shake your chopsticks at.

All of which makes it the logical choice for what promises to represent the first major cultural revolution of this millennium…Wu Sung’s “Rising Sun Anger Release Bar“.

The concept is this: following a hard day’s graft, the irate patrons of this drinking establishment are encouraged to decompress via the physical expression of their pent-up frustrations.

In other words, the customers are allowed to beat the crap out of the bar staff!!

No kidding. You walk in, select your victim, choose a costume for him (I’m not making this up) and then wail on his ass until you feel relieved of societal pressures. Societal pressures that are seemingly so overwhelming that expressing them through a few angry brush strokes, rigourous dance moves or strongly-worded stanza cannot provide bloody satisfaction.

How is it that, with all the knowledge and the teachings of history, culture is able to devolve in such ways? I despair!

With bar-room brawling apparently the yardstick for measuring the cultural prominence of a city, I guess we can all finally understand why Liverpool has been elected the European Capital of Culture.

I can only assume the brains behind this relatively prestigious award have never heard of Oldham.


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