Corrie Update: Steve MacDonald to buy the Rovers

Heard about this on the radio during the drive in to work this morning… If Steve already owns the cab company and will soon own the Rovers as well, he should be well on his way towards creating a Weatherfield cartel.

Also, given how quickly Amy is aging we should probably expect to see her working behind the bar in oh, about 6 months.


One Response to Corrie Update: Steve MacDonald to buy the Rovers

  1. Mark says:

    How Steve MacDonald can take over Weatherfield:

    1) Buy the Rovers (underway)
    2) Let Danny and Adam bankrupt each other, then swoop in and buy Underworld at a knock-down price
    3) Through a campaign of fear and intimidation, make wimpy Roy Cropper hand over the keys to the cafe
    4) Marry Audrey, then kill her and inherit the salon
    5) Offer Kev a few grand for the garage – he’ll sell just as long as you give him enough to start a new life far away from his annoying wife, Sally
    6) Purchase the site of Diggory’s old bakery, turn it into a Londis franchise, thus driving the corner shop and the Kabin out of business (you know, the way that Londis have driven small independent shop owners out of business all over the north-west)
    7) Beat the snot out of Charlie. Let him keep his crummy building business, but just beat the snot out of him…he deserves it.

    Today Weatherfield, tomorrow the world…go on Stevie!!

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