Mark#53 – BBQ

April 4, 2007

The weather is picking up and so our attention is turning to outdoors cooking. We just went and bought a big shiny barbecue – charcoal fuelled of course, none of this gas malarkey for us – and we’re having a few chums round on Sunday afternoon for a flame-grilled feast.

First thing on the menu? Easy…HOT DOGS!



Mark#52 – Todd’s Big Garden Adventure

March 26, 2007








Mark#51 – Sudo-Q: Episode 5

March 23, 2007

Our fifth and final episode was actually far and away the easiest to win. 

So there’s not much to say. We completed the final grid, won five straight episodes, retired undefeated and became series champions.

I also believe we won more money on the show than any previous team, though that remains unconfirmed. 


Mark#50 – Sudo-Q: Episode 4

March 21, 2007

Ok, so we’ve ‘broken the curse’ (before us, several teams had managed to win two episodes, but nobody could win three), but didn’t we come across as losers as we did it?

In reality, we were actually very blasé and relaxed about the entire affair, so I curse the production staff who constantly encouraged us to do these things that we knew were totally lame – high fives, pats on the back, big cheesy grins and faked enthusiasm.

However, we only have ourselves to blame for the dubious wardrobe decisions.

So today’s teams – Hsin-Ni & Andy and Nick & Kev. Gooders and I were definitely guilty of stereotyping before this episode – we were absolutely bricking it at the prospect of facing a pair of Oriental maths whizzkids, and at the same time we totally disregarded the pair of white rastafarians as any kind of serious threat. But we got it so wrong. Hsin-Ni and Andy, like so many before them, were quickly disposed of, whereas Nick and Kev gave us a good, close game.

On reflection, we should have expected Nick and Kev would be serious contenders. Being lazy hippies (I never learn, do I?), they probably spend more time than the rest of us watching daytime TV, so it would only make sense that they had honed their Sudo-Q skills beforehand.


Mark#49 – My Big Bro’s Stag Party

March 20, 2007

If you are a mate of my bro, please CLICK HERE to read about the plans for his upcoming stag party.

Mark#48 – Sudo-Q: Episode 3

March 20, 2007

Yesterday’s episode was a little easier to watch, but it was the closest we came to elimination, and I was super-frustrated with some of the questions I got wrong. I knew almost every one that I got wrong, but in the heat of the moment – and under the glare of the lights – it’s so much more difficult to have the answer pop into your head when you know that every second you spend thinking about it makes a difference.

Introducing today’s opponents; Paul & Sam and Lauren & Charlotte. As we were waiting in the green room before this episode, we actually got a bit nervous because Paul came off as really intelligent in that completely eccentric way (see the circus strongman moustache), whereas Sam was so quiet and awkward that we thought he might be autistic. I think it would be fair to say we felt they were a threat. In fact, they turned out to run us closer than any other team did – by the end of round 3, I think we only had a 5 point margin of victory, whereas in every other episode we were winning easily by double figures.

We knew one of Lauren and Charlotte (Charlotte I think) was from Oldham, so we weren’t in the least bit worried about them. After all, we know your average Oldham lass is hardly the smartest cookie. And when one of them revealed her ambition was to be a club 18-30s rep I think we stopped taking these guys seriously as contenders altogether. We were right to do so, I think they ended up with zero points.


Mark#47 – Sudo-Q: Episode 2

March 19, 2007

I don’t think I’ve ever cringed quite as much as I did watching back our first episode on Sudo-Q. Which makes it all the more shocking that our friends and family have been heavy on the praise for our performance, rather than on the p*ss-taking for our lameness!

Anyway, meet the teams that we faced in our second episode, Liz & Charlotte and John & Siobhan. In case they ever find their way to this blog, I just want to say it was a real pleasure meeting John & Siobhan. They travelled over from Ireland to take part and we must have bumped into them at least five times around the hotel we were all staying in. They were genuinely friendly, funny and gave us loads of encouragement. Out of all our opponents, we liked these guys the best.